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EU SatCen

Mr. Adriano Baptista

    Mr. Adriano Baptista is currently the Head of the Operations Division at the European Union Satellite Centre (EU SatCen).

    As Head of Operations Division, he is the main responsible for a multi-national and multicultural team of Imagery Analysts that are in charge of the execution and dissemination of a large range of products and services related to, among others, support to EU missions and Operations, crisis management, thematic mapping, non-proliferation and border-monitoring.
    He has extensive experience in the IMINT, GIS and GEOINT fields, particularly for defence and security purposes, with almost 30 years of experience in imagery analysis, and remote sensing including six years’ experience as an Intelligence Officer.

    Keynote speech
    “Innovative Solutions for Timely, Reliable and Effective Support to the EU Common Security and Defence Policy”

    The European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen) supports the decision-making and actions of the EU in the field of Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), in particular Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), by providing products and services resulting from the exploitation of relevant space assets and collateral data, including satellite imagery and aerial imagery, and related services. Aligned with the 2016 EU Global Strategy (EUGS), SatCen also supports a large range of EU initiatives, operations, and practitioner organisations.
    Recent advances on the field of Earth Observation, combined with emerging trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics, call for adaptation in the production processes. The technology has evolved at almost the same breath-taking speed as the events and has been an important instrument to produce contextual intelligence in a fast-changing world, with an enlarged spectrum of security threats and within highly complex scenarios.
    The EU SatCen is facing a constant evolution in the nature and variety of analytical tasks as well as of technologies at its disposal. At the same time, the evolving nature of the security challenges dictate continuous interaction with the practitioner communities, in order to understand their requirements and respond effectively to their strategic, operational and -possibly- tactical needs.
    The scope of the presentation is to provide a comprehensive overview of SatCen’s service provisions and innovative solutions and how they are contributing towards a Timely, Reliable and Effective Support to the EU Common Security and Defence Policy.