Mr. Andrea Candido

    Mr. Andrea DE CANDIDO works for the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission where he is the Acting Head of the “Innovation and Industry for Security” Unit which deals with Security Research and Industrial Policy. Among the responsibilities of the Unit is the elaboration of the Secure Societies part of the European Union Research & Innovation Framework Programme that enables cross border funding of research projects in the security dimension. Before joining DG HOME Mr De Candido had been briefly working for the Research & Innovation Directorate General of the European Commission and, before that, had spent 25 years in the Italian Army from which he retired in 2013 with the rank of Lt. Colonel.

    Keynote speech
    “Research as a strategic enabler for capability development in the security sector”

    Mr. Andrea de Candido’s intervention will highlight how the market uptake of security research is still one of the main challenges that hampers the process that leads research outcomes to be finally incorporated in new and more efficient tools to be made available to security practitioners in their daily activities. As such, one of the measures being currently explored by the European Commission to overcome such hurdle is to go for a Capability Based Approach to capacity building in the civilian security sector. This implies acknowledging that research is a building block of a wider process and needs to be triggered when there is a real intention by the relevant public authorities to make use of the outcomes of research in follow up activities, be these further high-end development or final acquisition.