Dr. Giulio Mancini

    Dr. Giulio Mancini is Policy Officer on border and external security research in the Unit on “Innovation and Industry for Security” in the Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission. Previously he was Project Officer on security research and Programme Manager for the Union actions of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union. Before working for the European Commission, Giulio worked in the International Biological and Chemical Threat Reduction department within the Centre on Global Security and Cooperation of Sandia National Laboratories of the Department of Energy of the United States, and as Programme Manager on Science and Technology for Non-Proliferation at in the non-governmental sector in Italy, mainly carrying out projects on international scientific cooperation, risk management and capacity building for the prevention of chemical and biological security threats. He has a PhD in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford in the UK.

    Keynote speech
    “Research on border and external security in the EU framework programme for research and innovation”

    The EU funds research and innovation on civilian security, including border security, within the Framework Programmes for research and innovation. As of the end of the current framework programme, the EU will have invested over 3 billion euro in security research since its inception in 2007. This will have led to over 600 research projects in many areas. In border security research, the EU funded and is funding projects in several research streams such as border surveillance; maritime security; situational awareness systems; migration modelling and prediction; risk assessment and analysis for border checks; or no-gate border crossing solutions and systems. EU-funded security research has a strong focus in the active participation of security practitioners in research projects and in research planning increasingly based on a capability development plan. EU border security research is a powerful tool available to support the European Border and Coast Guard in developing the capabilities (through future European technologies and systems for border security) identified as needed. The Commission is today working on the launching of the next Framework Programme for research and Innovation, Horizon Europe.