MSE 2019 will take place at Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort, which is a multiplex – multimodal venue, situated 25 km west of Heraklion international airport in Crete. Fodele Beach lies in a unique location with a breathtaking view, on the exquisite sandy beach of Fodele area.

Special rates for the MSE 2019 participants have been agreed during the dates 27/10/2019-31/10/2019. Thus the participants can book rooms during these days at the following prices:  

  • Daily charge for single room occupancy will be 80€ (VAT & all taxes included).
  • Daily charge for double room occupancy will be 120€ (VAT & all taxes included).

See below the details on how to book your room for the MSE 2019 event.

Apart from the room reservation, access to all MSE2019 activities is subject to registration.

The MSE2019 registration fee is 200€ plus VAT 24% per participant

The registration fee (total 248€) refers to the entire duration of MSE 2019 and includes…

  • Airport-Hotel transfers (From/To)
  • Welcome coffee
  • Event badge
  • Event bag containing official materials
  • Admission to scientific sessions, demos & exhibition
  • Coffee breaks and Lunches
  • 2 Official Dinners
  • Certificate of Attendance

There are two ways to register to MSE 2019 and book at Fodele Beach:

A. by credit, debit, and prepaid card

(248€/person for Registration of individuals):

VISA / MASTERCARD / AMERICAN EXPRESS (no other cards accepted):

1. Visit the MSE 2019 Registration of Individuals  below and fill your data, as participant of the MSE 2019, being also informed regarding the personal data protection policy of the MSE 2019 organization.  Click the “Submit” button to store your registration data.

2. Submitting the registration form of Step 1 (above), you will see on your screen a message. To complete your entry please click on the button “Accommodation booking & Registration payment” which will transfer you to the Fodele Beach Reservations webpage from where you can book a room for the days of the event that you wish. Clicking the “Book this” button, the registration procedure will be completed, and you can then proceed to the online payment (both Registration and Hotel room reservation) using a credit/debit card.

3. Be aware that Registration and Booking transactions are combined and thus when you complete the Booking, the transaction system will charge you for the nights that you will stay to a single or double room and will add the Registration fee (as Extra) to the total.

4. Please click payment button only once. Submitting multiple times may result in your credit card being charged more than once.

5. Please make sure you print the payment confirmation screen at the end of the transaction, and before exiting the Fodele Beach Reservations webpage.

6. Invoice will be issued at the hotel and will be delivered to you at your departure. Data for issuing the Invoice should be provided at your arrival at the reception of Fodele Beach.

Registration of Individuals

by credit, debit, and prepaid card

B. by bank transfer

(248€ / person for Group Registrations)

In case of group reservations (more participants) from the same organization,

  1. Contact by email the Researvation office of Fodele Beach Hotel ( and provide them with the names’ list of the people you wish to register along with the administrative data of your organization for issuing the respective invoice(s) including also the name of the project to charge for each person and the days that each person will stay in the hotel. Include “MSE 2019 registration-reservation” in the Subject of the email and carbon-copy it to the MSE 2019 organizers (
  2. Fodele Beach Hotel will provide you back with a Proforma-Invoice with the amount that you need to pay via bank transfer at:

Account holder name: S GIANNIKAKIS S.A.
IBAN: GR2101102050000020547049757 

  1. Be informed that all the transaction costs will be covered by the ordering customer
  2. An electronic / scanned copy of the bank transfer receipt must be sent to Fodele Beach Hotel ( with cc to MSE 2019 organizers (  Your registration/reservation will be confirmed following the payment receipt.
  3. Invoice(s) will be issued by Fodele Beach, according to the payment and the requirements of each Organization/Project at the hotel. The documents will be delivered at the departure of the participant(s) from the hotel.

Group Registrations

Contact the Hotel


Booking will be open between 01/09/2019 until 18/10/2019. Please note that, in case of cancellation, all booking fees will be fully refundable, if cancelation is made till 11/10/2019. From 18/10/2019 onwards, all participants that have not yet booked a room, will need to address the Reservations Department ( in order to check availability.