The current volatile and dynamically changing security environment of modern societies pose severe threats and challenges on their prosperity.

The EU is working on many fronts to improve security for the citizens of the European Union. European Agenda on Security includes areas ranging from fighting firearms trafficking to terrorist financing, safeguarding EU external border security, and improving operational cooperation among others. These actions taken together are designed to create a Security Union.

The European Union via the Horizon 2020 Program funds research throughout the innovation cycle, from curiosity-driven investigations to close-to-market innovation. This support ensures that EU produces world-class science and technology, removes barriers to innovation and makes it easier for public and private sectors to work together in delivering solutions for challenges our society faces.

The MSE2019 is a large event aiming to expose the results of the EU-funded research, in context of the Societal Challenge Secure Societies of H2020, in a variety of security topics, present innovative practices, methodologies and technologies and promote further international collaboration among stakeholders. 

The event is supported by more than thirty contributing R&D projects, which are funded by the European Union. The scope is to welcome ideas, solutions, innovative proposals and encourage discussions on various security research topics.

The event is organized in 6 sessions:

  • Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Public Spaces
  • European Initiatives on Security and Networks of Practitioners
  • Border and External Security
  • Disaster management and Resilience¬†
  • Fight Against Crime & Terrorism
  • Cyber and Digital Security

Download the MSE2019 Brochure