MSE2019 Programme

The event is supported by the European Union and the Community of Users (an initiative of the European Commission) since it will host several EU funded projects funded projects (running or finished) implemented in context of calls of Horizon 2020, DG Echo, the Internal Security Fund (ISF-Police), DG Regio etc.

The objective of MSE 2019 is to bring together innovative R&D security projects, practitioners’ networks, industry representatives and the academic community in order to facilitate interaction and synergy among R&D activity and the networks of practitioners, as potential users of European Security Research.

The program of the event will span in three days in which various topics of security research will be addressed as mentioned here next. Every day (morning) a Conference style session will take place for specific topics, including paper presentations, posters exposition, focused discussions and live demonstrations dedicated to projects corresponding to H2020 R&D topics as follows:

Day-1 (29/10/2019)

Session INFRA: Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Public Spaces

Session NETWORKING: European Initiatives on Security and Networks of Practitioners

Day-2 (30/10/2019)

Session BES: Border and External Security

Session DRS: Disaster management and Resilience

Day-3 (31/10/2019)

Session FCT: Fight against Crime and Terrorism

Session DS: Cyber and Digital Security

Below you can download the MSE2019 program and other information

During the afternoon parallel Workshops and Breakout sessions in cooperation with clusters of projects and relevant stakeholders of the Security GM21 networks will take place. Workshops will include brainstorming sessions, world café and focused discussions, where practitioners and Industry/academia will discuss actual and future security challenges. During/After the lunch break attendees can visit the exhibition booths and desks of co-organizing projects and solution providers, the poster session for the day’s topics and the live demos of advanced and mature solutions. Papers presented during the Conference sessions will be published in a Specific Volume (Technology Advances and Support for Security Practitioners) of the Springer’s Informatics & Security Series.